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they have to say? from the indication of yard signs, i feel it romney win in my bones in pennsylvania. what say you? guest: the gentleman refers to an exceptionally difficult time, to put it mildly, four pennsylvania lawmakers where we have a large number being prosecuted by both the federal government and the attorney general of the state. the governor, when he was attorney general. this state has historically had problems among its public officials. having said that, i think the presidential election is viewed differently by the voters. they are not going to go back, for the most part, and say my state senator was indicted for public corruption charges, therefore i will not vote for president obama. i do not think that calculus those in to the presidential elections, at least when we talk to voters. they're quite capable of separating the two. in pennsylvania, we also have higher levels of partisanship than we do in many other states. it is still a state rooted in heavy partisanship. the big exception to that is the philadelphia suburbs, a lehigh valley, and there are areas of the state w
. >> and rasmussen has it dead even. >>gregg: can romney win pennsylvania? >>pat: it is very close. no one is spending money or time, the second oldest state, they don't like obamacare and it depends on the affluent suburbs. >> why are the candidates not going to the states? >> the world is flat, i cannot move. the fact is, you take advantage of opportunity. like obama did with indiana and north carolina. >> do they think necessity -- need to put on resources in ohio. >> he had to cancel going to virginia because of the hurricane. so if i'm running his catch i would say we have the candidate, he is on the road we will do two stops, pittsburgh and wisconsin. >>doug: in western pennsylvania i see huge movement among the traditional democrats to romney. i disagree with pat but i think obama will win but he need as big vote out of philadelphia. >>gregg: the coal country has been devastated and that will make a difference. the campaign insiders will be back in a moment. they do everything they can to control the events and sometimes the best laid plans go for naught. we are talking about sandy.
counties in pennsylvania with 57% of the vote if he carried the state. mitt romney grew up in bloomfield hills. >> a suburb of detroit. >> well, i grew up in the same area, went to the same high school so i'm quite familiar with it. he seems to be doing better. i if you look at the battleground poll -- the pew research poll where you have a big sample. so if you have a subsample you have some confidence the numbers are good. you see that romney, post-october 3rd debate, is carrying apparently statistically significant margins. people with incomes over over $75,000. barack obama carried them 15-49 in 2008. romney made bigger gains with the high income people than people in the lower income category. >> the swing over the last 20 years in affluent suburbs has been attributed to culture, gay marriage and the southern tilt of the republican party, is the swing back this year really because of the economy trumping culture in the minds of most voters? >> well, i think that's true of all segments of voters. the economy is trumping the cultural issue of. it rubbed them out. i think also mitt rom
by asking them about their home states. can mitt romney win? >> i would say yes the pennsylvania is in play. and i would say that it is probably the best bellwether of what happened over the last three weeks. the their campaign is particularly active in a pennsylvania. they have not been running many television ads because most campaigns thought it was going to be in the obama camp and felt that an expensive state like pennsylvania, one, four republicans, which has been -- four republicans it has been called fool's gold for a long time. to move pennsylvania, from a double-digit rates to a handful race or less, really, with national movement, not anything the campaigns were doing in the states, i would make the argument that one of the reasons we have not seen the race changed that much in a lot of these swing states is because there has been a tense race going on, but in the states where there is not that you have seen more movement. i think of pennsylvania is one of those states. the question here is, who is going to invest the resources? pennsylvania does not have early voting. i would ma
the possibility that there could be new states that come on including pennsylvania or michigan or minnesota. could romney have a chance in any of other states we previously thought were solid for obama? >> he bought television in minnesota but own minneapolis tv, to hit far west wisconsin but we have to watch pennsylvania which have moved from obama to lean obama so if there is a national trend since the first debate moving in romney's direction --. >> i don't think the states are if play. they can get romney there to spend time but i wouldn't do it. if i win ohio or wisconsin the states that are up they have a better shot of getting there. >>chris: like herding cats here today. when we come back what issues will decide the race, the issues that will decide the race starting with the growing controversy over the terror attack in benghazi. why should our wallets tell us what our favorite color is? every room deserves to look great. and every footstep should tell us we made the right decision. so when we can feel our way through the newest, softest, and most colorful options... ...across every possi
certainly over the 1-point lead romney enjoyed there last week. heading northward to pennsylvania, the president has a six-point lead in this new poll from the "philadelphia enquirer." ho romney's gained growned since early -- ground since early october. and finally ohio, ohio, ohio, the mother of the battleground states. the four-point advantage to obama. the latest cnn/orc poll. you have the polls and numbers, but we want to hear directly from the voters. we sent the cnn election express on the road to take the polls of voters in some of these key swing states. we're calling it the battleground bus tour. and we have cnn political contributor john avalon joining me bright and early on this sunday. fancy meeting you here, friend. what, ali velshi couldn't -- >> good morning, brooke. >> you couldn't wake alli velsh up to join you? >> this morning i drew the short straw, all good. early a.m., lexington, virginia. >> team player, appreciate it. tell me what do you at the town hall you hosted with students in lexington. >> it was fascinating, brooke. we sat down with students here at
there could be new states that come on. talk about pennsylvania and michigan and minnesota. could romney have a chance in any of these other states that we he had previously thought were pretty solid for obama? >> he bought television in minnesota but only minneapolis tv to hit the far western counties of wisconsin. i would say that we ought to watch and see what happens this next week in michigan and pennsylvania. >> chris: they could come into play? >> they lean obama but moved from obama to lean obama if there s a national trend as it appears to be since the first debate moving in romney's direction. >> chris: , ten seconds. >> i don't think those states are really in play. i think they can sucker romney budget economy in to spend time there but i you wouldn't do it if i were them. if they can win, ohio, or wisconsin the states up right now they have a much better shot atgeting there than hoping those states get into play. >> chris: it is like hearing cats here today. we will look at what issues will decide the race and the issues that will decide the race starting with the growing controv
.c., in virginia, pennsylvania, north carolina and new jersey. so big impact on politics. >> the romney camp moving its campaigning, paul ryan and mitt romney to ohio over the next couple of days, but there too, they might find themselves in the middle of a whole lot of snow, while that's expected there, while the east coast deals with a lot of wind, rain -- momentarily, maybe about six minutes or so away, we understand the new york mayor of michael bloomberg is expected to have a press conference about the preparations that are under way there. >> let's go to josh levs. >> as we talk about so many moves parts. we're also going to be hearing from the governors of massachusetts and pennsylvania and we'll be bringing you the information that's coming in. everyone you're seeing is in engaged in the process of making calls, reaching out, finding out everything you need to know about what's happening with this storm. i will tell you when i was on with you earlier this hour, we were talking about flight cancellations. we have just gotten another piece of information on that, we are hearing that united ai
about pennsylvania and michigan. and minnesota. could romney have a chance in any of these other states we had previously thought were pretty solid for obama. >> he bought television in minnesota, only minneapolis tv to hit the far western counties in wisconsin, but i would say, that we have to watch and see what happens, this next week in michigan and pennsylvania. >> chris: they could come into play. >> they lean obama but these states moved from obama to lean obama, if there is a national trend as there appears since may the first debate, moving in his direction... >> chris: ten seconds. >> i don't think those states are in play. i think they can sucker romney in, to spend some time there but i wouldn't do that if i were them, if they win ohio or wisconsin, the states that are up, they have a better shot at getting there than hoping those states come into play. >> chris: like herding cats here today! when we come back, what issues will decide the race, the issue starting with the swelling controversy over the terror attack in benghazi. ♪ bp has paid over twenty-three billion dollar
it's in the driver's seat the romney campaign launched a fundraising effort to compete in two states the president considers his pennsylvania and minnesota. >> peter, i want to bring in kristen as well and get a sense where things are going now. kristen, let me start with you. ten days to go. you noted this race is essentially deadlocked. what's the obama strategy now down the stretch? >> reporter: well, lester, president obama is focusing his closing argument on the issue of trust. he's kind of made the chase mitt romney can't be trusted, because he said he has moved to the middle on key issues, like taxes, foreign policy and education. the president arguing that he's still the best candidate to get the economy back on track. he continues to enlist former president bill clinton to help. the two will be campaigning together in florida on monday. the one thing looming over the closing argument, the october jobs report. it comes out the friday before voters head to the polls. lester? >> peter, a candidate can't be in many places at one time. what's the plan now for romney with ten days
some support in key battleground states that include pennsylvania, new hampshire and ohio. the romney campaign also got some get to that in a moment. joining me now, democratic strategist, julian epstein of the law group. and the former campaign manager chip saltzman. >> let's start with these endorsements and their significance, do newspaper endorsements really matter at this stage in the race, guys? chip, i'll start with you. >> first of all i'm a little upset that you're in down there with ribs and music and i'm in a studio with stale crackers. newspaper endorsements -- >> those ribs will be good -- >> newspaper endorsements make a difference when something like the "des moines register" which hadn't endorsed a republican since 1972 steps up to the plate and endorses mitt romney in a state that's so close. on the margins something like that matter a little bit. but usually we kind of know where our newspapers are on the political spectrum. and they don't make that make a difference, especially compared to what they did 20 years ago. >> julian, i want to put up a snippet from the "d
possibly michigan, pennsylvania and now we have a republican ad in min mip. so that shows the trajectory. romney is on offense and obama is on defense in the final week. >> eric: obama on defense, he went to new hampshire and only got four electoral votes in new hampshire. he went up there to grab four. is that desperation or protection? >> it's protection. look, this race is going to be very close. everybody recognizes that. could come down to a few votes, a few states. i want to comment on what is going on with the weather. this actually has political implications. first of all, the public is going to be focused on the storm the next three or four days. it will take the focus off the election. it will be harder for the candidates to get their messages out. also, obama has the lead in virginia, 4-point lead. he's ahead in ohio. and to the extent that this -- the weather conditions in those states take the attention away from the election tmay freeze things in place. i think obama is going to win both virginia and ohio, i think it will be very, very close. i think this election's going t
to have everybody enfranchised. i think we heard it again in pennsylvania with mike. >> yeah. when he said voter id. >> it will get romney elected. it's something that helps one party more than another party. generally, they don't tell it like that. it's what people say. >> one thing that has been fascinating this year, from a broad perspective, a reminder there's a historical debate between the right and the left about democracy. this is the roots of the right wing, of course, they are going back to burke and his counter revolutionary look as revolutions being ghastly and mob rule. we were talking about the electoral college. they have more support on the right than the left. the national popular vote is past blue states. there's an ideological difference about democracy as the best means of ruling of people. ilyse, you have been traveling around the country. i want to hear what you have to say. and one wedding, 2 kids, 43 bottles of olay total effects many birthdays later, still looks amazing. thanks to the trusted performance of olay. >>> you have been traveling around in a lot of diffe
points but a fox news poll conducted last week has mitt romney ahead by two. keep in mind both leads are within the margins of error. in the past three elections voters here in virginia have picked the winning candidate so it's clear the road to 1600 pennsylvania avenue may run straight through the state of virginia. it wasn't all that long ago that virginia was better known for its civil war battlegrounds than its political ones. for ten straight presidential elections the republican candidate came out on top, but then in 2008, virginia voters went for barack obama. >> virginia! >> it was interesting because he kind of road tde the wave and h swayed a lot of districts that had been traditionally republican. >> while the 2008 vote here closely mirrored the rest of the country, virginia has actually fared better economically. its unemployment rate is below the national average from its fast growing washington, d.c., suburbs to the huge military presence around norfolk, a lot of government tax dollars flow into the state. but, like a loet of the nation, virginia has experienced huge et
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)

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